Graham Cheese
Since 1928

    "Since 1825, the Graham family has farmed in Southern Indiana.  Beginning in a small way, the farms have grown until now they encompass approximately 4,000 acres.  These farms are being developed, not only as a sound business proposition, but to increase the general prosperity of Southern Indiana farmers by proving the greater desirability and the greater profits of diversified farming."
--Graham Cheese company catalog, 1928

     Nestled in the valley between two forks of the White River in southern Indiana are Graham Farms Incorporated and Graham Farms Cheese.  The cheese making operation was started in 1928 by Robert C. Graham, Sr. to serve as a market for the many dairy farms in Daviess County and the surrounding area.  A new and completely equipped cheese factory was erected in Elnora, Indiana to provide diversity for the farms.

      Mr. Albert Steffen, a Swiss, was hired to start up the operation.  Mr. Steffen was a graduate of a Swiss dairy school, who had extensive experience in the manufacture of cheese in many parts if the world. He was sent by the government of Switzerland to establish cheese factories for the Russian government.  From there he went to Mongolia, China, and then the United States. 

     The Graham Farms trademark originated from a boyhood photo of Ziba F. Graham II, known to us as Uncle Z™.  It was intended to convey health, vigor, wholesomeness, and quality of Graham Farms Cheese products.

     When exploring Southern Indiana, stop by the store for a visit which is located in Elnora, Indiana on Highway 57.  The store is 45 minutes from Bloomington, IN, 75 minutes north of Evansville, IN, and 90 minutes southwest of Indianapolis.

Since 1928.

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